If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, of course, cost is one of the first things you consider.

You may have a $500 budget, or you may have a $30,000 budget, all of which can be blown quite rapidly if you don’t plan ahead.

Remember, the average is only taking all of the remodeling budgets, adding them together, and then dividing them by how many we have counted. So, the average remodeling budget could be all over the board. With that in mind, the typical range is between $6000 and $15,000, both of which can offer a beautiful, remodeled look. With that range we’re looking at about $10,500 on average. This is a good budget to either save for or plan for depending on what you’d like to do.

If you have a bathroom that needs a complete overhaul, let’s say redoing 1950s plumbing, fixtures, new flooring, new paint, and new countertops, you’re probably on the high end of the spectrum.

But it also depends on why you are remodeling. If you’re planning on staying in the home, you’ll probably want to get on the higher end of that spectrum knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy the bathroom yourself. If you’re planning on fixing up the house to sell, you may be on the lower end of that spectrum. If you’re looking at renting your property, you might be somewhere in the middle; durability yet not breaking the budget.

Cost effective homeowners and those that might do a little DIY projects can be on the lower end of the spectrum, potentially lower than $5000 depending on how much you want to remodel. Labor can average about 20-30% of the total project price or about $65 an hour respectively.

Here is a breakdown of features in a bathroom undergoing a remodel or an upgrade:

  • Cabinetry and hardware – 16% $2000
  • Countertops – 7% $800
  • Faucets and plumbing (not a complete plumbing revamp) – 5% $650
  • Walls and ceilings – 5% $500
  • Lighting and ventilation – 5% $600
  • Doors and windows – 4% $400
  • Fixtures – 15% $1800
  • Flooring – 10% $1200
  • Labor and installation – 20% $2500
  • miscellaneous (design fees, delivery fees, shipping) 2% plus $500

Should you do a bathroom remodel all at the same time?

If you are suffering from sticker shock, you might be able to take a project one at a time. Consider painting the walls first, then move on to fixtures, perhaps counters and countertops all at the same time, then flooring to finish. These can be done in different stages but remember, if you are having one company do it all, you may save money on installation by having the entire project done at once.

Prepare for inconvenience.

If you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom in stages, you will have the inconvenience of an incomplete bathroom for several days.

We want to make sure that your bathroom a model is quick, easy, and we stay on budget. With good communication, discussing what you expect from us and how we plan on doing the project, will put everyone on the same page.

How to cut costs on your bathroom remodel:

Consider doing your own demolition. You may not be an expert at mosaic tile, but you can rip out the existing tile. Demolition can cost up to $1000 or more but of course, DIY demo doesn’t require any planning. You will need the right tools, however, and as long as you know what is behind the wall before you start swinging, you can avoid any live electrical wires.

Subway tile can be your best friend and save you money on your bathroom remodel.

Subway tile is the new thing and many kitchen and bathroom remodels are saving a time by using this simple, white design for decorative borders, feature walls, or even an entire backsplash.

Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

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